I Remember The Day

Melody -

1. I remember the day
It stands clear in my mind
We went down to Dun Laoighaire
To wave you goodbye
Your ma was quietly weeping,
There was a tear in my eye
Your sailing
To Gallipoli to die.

2. You looked so young as you stood there
With a glint in your eye
And you sang rebel songs
As the streamers flew high
Your ma she turned away
And I heard her sigh
You are sailing
To Gallipoli to die.
  3. We got only one letter
We knew right away
It said deepest regrets
Your son was bold
And he was brave
You were only 19 yet
Your mammy And I let you sail
To Gallipoli to die.

4. You fought for the wrong country
You fought for the wrong cause
And your ma often said
That it was Ireland's great loss
All those fine young men
Who marched to foreign shores
To fight the war when the greatest war
Of all was at home.

You were all that we had, your mammy and me
When you marched head erect you were proud as could be
But it killed your poor ma and it slowly killing me
When you were blown to kingdom come on the shores of Gallipoli.

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