Nihon-bashi Nippon Bridge

Melody -

  Before the dawn from Nippon Bridge of Yedo
Starts the Procession of Daimyo, carrying his young son,
Arewai sa no sa.
Here's Takanawa; the day breaks;
Put the lantern lights out,
    Kocha e! Kocha e!
Wonderful place (Yoshiwara) to view Mt. Fuji:
When we look around
Kambara and Yui-beach are seen at a glance.
Here is Satta-pass but nothing do we care,
    Kocha e! Kocha e!

Nippon Bridge (Nihon-bashi) in Edo (modern Tokyo) was the starting point of the Tokai-do national highway made famous by Hiroshige in his 53 woodblock prints of places along the road during the Tempo Era (1830-1843). The melody is from a processional which was popular at the time and was used by Puccini in "Madame Butterfly."

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