Boys of Kilkenny

Melody -

Oh the boys of Kilkenny are stout roving blades,
And whenever they meet with the nice little maids,
They'll kiss them and coax them and spend their money free,
|: And of all towns in Ireland Kilkenny for me. :|

2. Through the town of Kilkenny there runs a clear stream,
In the town of Kilkenny there lives a fair dame,
He lips are like roses and he cheeks much the same,
|: Like a dish of ripe strawberries smothered in cream. :|

3. Her eyes are as black as Kilkenny's famed coal,
Which through my poor bosom have burned a great hole,
Her mind, like its river, is mild, clear and pure,
|: But her heart is more hard than its marble, I'm sure. :|

4. Oh Kilkenny's a fine town it shines where it stands,
And the more I think of it the more my heart warms,
And if I was in Kilkenny, I'd think myself at home
|: For 'tis there I' have sweethearts but here I have none, :|

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