Lily of Laguna

Melody & Text - Leslie Stuart 1898 (1863-1928)

1. It's de same old tale of a palpatating niggar
ev'ry time, ev'ry time;
It's de same old trouble of a coon
Dat wants to be married very soon;
It's de same old heart dat is longing
for it's lady ev'ry time, yes ev'ry time,
But not de same gal, not de same girl
She is ma Lily, ma Lily, ma Lily gal!
She goes ev'ry sundown, yes, ev'ry sundown
Callin' in de cattle up de mountain;
I go kase she wants me, yes, 'kase she wants me
Help her do de callin' and de countin'.
She plays her music
To call de lone lambs dat roam above,
But I'm de black sheep and I'm waitin'
For de signal of ma little lady love.
  2. When I first met Lil it was down at old Laguna
at de dance, oder night;
So she says: "Say, ah'm curious for to know
When ye leave here de way yer goin' to go,
'Kase a wants to see who de lady is
dat claims ye all way home, way home tonight."
I says, "I've no gal, never had one,"
And den ma Lily, ma Lily, ma Lily gal!
She says, "Kern't believe ye, a kern't believe ye,
Else I'd like to have ye shaperoon me;
Dad says he'll escorcht me, says he'll escorcht me,
But it's mighty easy for to lose him.
Since then each sun-down
I wander down here and roam around
Until I know ma little lady wants me,
Till I hear de music ob de signal sound.

She's my lady love,
She is my dove, my baby love,
She's no gal for sitting down to dream,
She's the only queen Laguna knows;
I know she likes me.
I know she likes me
Becase she says so;
She is ma Lily of Laguna.
She is ma Lily and ma Rose.

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