The Sinking Of the Muirchu

Melody - "The Boys of Wexford"

James N. Healy

She was a rare and fair boat
She was a fair and rare boat
She was a bIiddy quare boat
The good old Muirchu.
I boarded her in Haul-bowline
With me lifebelt in me hand
All for the cause of freedom
And me dear ould native Land.
We joined the Muirchu me boys
To fight thro' shot and shell
We got half-shot in Cobh, me boys
To brave the ocean's swell.
  We started out for Dublin Town
The Captain steered us straight
But when we reached the ocean
The poor oul' ship was bate
She took one look at the rolling sea
And knew she could not do
So off the coast of Wexford
We lost the Muirchu.
We lost the Muirchu, me boys
Tho' she sailed with might and main
From Haul-bowline to Dublin Town
For scrap at Hammond Lane.

The Muirchu got lost at sea
Tho' we searched everywhere
And when we turned and swam for shore
We could not; find her there
But she'll live in song and story
The greatest ship of all
The guardian of our harbours
The Flagship of the Dàil
The good old Muirchu, me boys
Will never be a slave
For off the coast of Wexford
She found a sailors grave.

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