Where the River Shannon Flows

Melody - James I. Russell

There's a pretty spot in Ireland
I always claim for my land
Where the fairies and the blarney
Will never, never die
It's the land of the shillalah
My heart goes back there daily
To the girl I left behind me
When we kissed and said goodbye

Where dear old Shannon's flowing
Where the three-leaved shamrock's grows
Where my heart is I am going
To my little Irish rose
And the moment that I meet her
With a hug and kiss I'll greet her
For there's not a colleen sweeter
Where the River Shannon flows.

2. Sure no letter I'll be mailing
For soon will I be sailing
And I'll bless the ship that takes me
To my dear old Erin's shore
There I'll settle down forever
I'll leave the old sod never
And I'll whisper to my sweetheart
"Come and take my name Asthore."

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