The Wedding of Lili Marlene

Melody - Tommie Connor and Johnny Reine, 1949

There were tears in the crowded congregation,
There were hearts that had loved but all in vain
'Twas goodbye to the sweetheart of the nation,
At the wedding of Lili Marlene.

Men who'd marched where the desert sands are burning
From Tobruk down the road to Alamein,
In their hearts tender mem'ries were returning
At the wedding of Lili Marlene.

As she knelt where the candlelights were gleaming,
It seemed the choir sang soft and low,
"Farewell my angel of the lamplight,
We'll always love you so."

Down the aisle came the bride in all her glory,
To the strains of her own, sweet, love refrain,
'Twas the end of a very lovely story,
At the wedding of Lili Marlene.

In 1953 the British released a "War Musical" by the same title.

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