Homeward Bound

Melody -


To Pensacola town we'll bid adieu,
To lovely Kate and pretty Sue.
Our anchor's weighed and our sails unfurled,
We're bound for to plough this watery world.

You know we're outward bound,
Hurrah, we're outward bound!

2. The wind blows hard from the east nor-east,
Our ship sails ten knots at least,
The skipper will our wants supply,
And while we've grog we'll ne'er say die.

3. And should we touch at Malabar,
Or any other port so far,
Our skipper will tip the chink,
And just like fishes we will drink.

4. And now our three years it is out,
It's very near time we back'd about;
And when we're home, and do get free,
O, won't we have a jolly spree.

5. And now we'll haul into the docks,
Where all the pretty girls come in flocks,
And one to the other they will say,
"Here comes Jack with his three years' pay!"

6. And now we'll haul to the "Dog and Bell,"
Where there's good liquor for to sell,
In comes old Archer with a smile,
Saying, "Drink, my lads, it's worth your while."

7. But when our money's all gone and spent,
And none to be borrowed nor none to be lent,
In comes old Archer with a frown,
Saying, "Get up, Jack, let John sit down."

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