Easy and Slow

Melody -

1. 'Twas down by Christ-church that I first met with Annie,
A neat little girl - and not a bit shy,
She told me her father, who came from Dungannon,
Would take her back home in the sweet by and by.

2. We wandered by Thomas Street, down to the Liffey.
The sunshine was gone and the evening grew dark.
Along by Kingsbridge and begod in a jifty
Me arms were around her beyond in the park.
  3. From city or country a girl is a jewel.
And well made for gripping the most of them are.
But any young man he is really a fool.
If he tries at the first time to go a bit far.

4. Now if you should go to the town of Dungannon,
You can search till your eyes are weary of blind.
Be you lying or walking or sitting or running,
A girl like Annie, you never will find.

And what's it to any man whether or no,
Whether I'm easy or whether I'm true.
As I lifted her petticoat easy and slow.
And I tied up my sleeve for to buckle her shoe.

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