Rolling Home

Melody -

Up aloft amid the rigging
Swiftly blows the loud favouring gale
Strong as springtime in its blossom,
Filling out each swelling sail

And the waves we leave behind us
Seem to murmur as they rise,
We have tarried here to bear you,
To the land you dearly prize.

Rolling home, rolling home,
Rolling home across the sea;
Rolling home to dear old England
Rolling home, dear land to thee!

2. Full ten thousand miles behind us,
And a thousand miles before,
Ancient ocean waves to waft us
To the well-remembered shore.

Cheer up Jack, bright smiles await you
From the fairest of the fair
And her loving eyes will greet you
With kind welcomes everywhere

3. Call all hands to man the capstan
See the cable run down clear
Heave away and with a will boys
For old England we will steer

And we'll sing in joyful chorus
In the watches of the night
And we'll sight the shores of England
When the grey dawn brings the light

  Call all hands to man the capstan
See the cable flaked down clear.
Heave away, and with a will, boys,
For ol' England we will steer.

Now Australia we are leavin'
For Old England give a cheer,
Fare thee well, ye dark-eyed damsels
Give three cheers for English beer!

Rolling home, rolling home
Rolling home across the sea,
Rolling home to dear ol' England
Rolling home, fair land to thee.

Goodbye Heads, we're bound to leave you
Haul the tow-rope all inboard,
We will leave old Aussie sternward
Clap all sail we can afford.

Round Cape Horn on a winter's morning
Now among the ice and snow,
You will hear our shellbacks singin'
Sheet her home, boys, let 'er go!

Eighteen months away from England
Only fifty days, no more,
On salt horse and cracker-hash, boys
Boston beans that mke us sore.

Now the Lizard Light's a-shinin'
And we're bound up to the Nore,
With the canvas full an' drawin'
Soon we'll be on England's shore.

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