Vetchernij zvon     Those Evening Bells

Melody - "The Bells of St. Petersburg"
Melody -


, ! . . . .

, !
! . . . .

Thomas Moore, between 1819-1853

Those ev'ning bells those ev'ning bells,
How many a tale their music tells
|: Of youth and home and that sweet time,
   When last I heard their soothing chime. :|

Those joyous hours are past away,
And many a heart that then was gay
|: Within the tomb now darkly dwells
   And hears no more these ev'ning bells. :|

And so 'twill be when I am gone,
That tunefull peal will still ring on
|: While other bards will walk these dells
   And sing your praise sweet ev'ning bells. :|

Vetchernij zvon, vetchernij zvon,
Kak mnogo dum navodit on

O junyh dnah v kraju rodnom,
Gde ja ljubil, gde otchij dom,

I kak ja, s nim na vek prostjas,
Tam slyshal zvon v poslednij raz.

I mnogih net teper v zhivyh,
Togda vesjolyh, molodyh.

  Evening bell, oh evening bell,
How many memories it arouses

About the days of youth at my home-place,
Where I loved, where my fathers house is,

And how I, parting from it for a long time,
heard the bells there for the last time.

And so many are no longer among the living now
Who were happy and young then.

And deep is their "tomb-sleep",
Inaudible is to them the evening sound.

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