California Here I Come

Melody - Al Jolson, B. DeSylva, and Joe Meyer, 1924

When the wintry winds are blowing,
And the snow is starting in to fall,
Then my eyes turn westward,
Knowing that's the place
I love the best of all.
California, I've been blue,
Since I've been away from you,
I can't wait 'til I get going,
Even now I'm starting in to call:
  Anyone who likes to wander,
Ought to keep this saying in his mind:
"Absence makes the heart grow fonder"
Of the good old place
You leave behind.
When you've hit the trail a while
Seems you rarely see a smile;
That's why I must fly out yonder,
Where a frown is mighty hard to find!

California here I come,
Right back where I started from,
Where bowers of flowers bloom in the sun,
Each morning at dawning
Birdies sing an' ev'rything:
A sun-kiss'd miss said, "don't be late,"
That's why I can hardly wait,
Open up that golden gate,
California here I come

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