Melody - George M. Cohan, 1907

George M. Cohan

Who is the man who will spend
Or will even lend?
Harrigan, that's me!
Who is your friend when you find
That you need a friend?
Harrigan, that's me!
For I'm just as proud of my name you see,
As an emperor, czar or a king, could be
Who is the man helps a man
Ev'ry time he can?
Harrigan, that's me!
  Who is the man never stood
For a gadabout?
Harrigan, that's me!
Who is the man that the town's
Simply mad about?
Harrigan, that's me!
The ladies and babies are fond of me,
I'm fond of them, too, in return you see,
Who is the gent that's deserving
A monument?
Harrigan, that's me!

H a double r i, g a n spells Harrigan
Proud of all the irish blood that's in me,
Divil a man can say a word agin me.
H a double r i, g a n you see,
Is a name that a shame
Never has been connected with
Harrigan, that's me!

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