Draw Us to Thee

Melody - "Ach Gott und Herr" Freiberg, 1655

"Zeuch uns nach dir" Friedrich Funcke, 1642-1699

Draw us to Thee,
For then shall we
Walk in Thy steps forever
And hasten on
Where Thou art gone
To be with Thee, dear Savior.

2. Draw us to Thee,
Lord, lovingly;
Let us depart with gladness
That we may be
Forever free
From sorrow, grief, and sadness.

3. Draw us to Thee;
Oh, grant that we
May walk the road to heaven!
Direct our way
Lest we should stray
And from Thy paths be driven.

4. Draw us to Thee
That also we
Thy heavenly bliss inherit
And ever dwell
Where sin and hell
No more can vex our spirit.

5. Draw us to Thee
Into Thy kingdom take us;
Let us fore'er
Thy glory share,
Thy saints and joint heirs make us.

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