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A few songs out of the Folksong index
Many of these tunes were sequenced by Barry Taylor
A Bunch of Thyme - Melody
A lady fair in a garden walkin'
A Man You Don't Meet Every Day
A Mother's Love is a Blessing
A Nation once again
A Pair of Brown Eyes
A shepherd that lives on Slieve Gullion
A Trace Boy on Ligoniel Hill
Ah sweet Kitty Neil rise up from that wheel
Ah then ma'am dear did you never hear
All Around my Hat
An Dórd Fianna
An Irishman's Epistle - Melody
And who are you me pretty fair maid - Melody
Are Ye Right There Michael
Arthur McBride
As I rov'd out one ev'ning fair
As I rov'd thro' the town
As I roved out on a bright May morning
As I roved out on a summer's morning
As I roved out one morning
As I roved out through Galway town
As I stray'd o'er the common on Cork's rugged border
As I walked out on an evening so clear
As I was a-goin' over Gilgarra Mountain - Melody
As I went out walking one morning in June
As once I roved out very early
At Boulavogue as the sun was setting - Melody
At early morn I once had been
At the age of nineteen I was ploughin' the land
At the foot of Newry mountain
At twenty-one I first begun

Bard of Armagh - Melody
Believe Me if All Those Endearing Young Charms - Melody
Belles of Tipperary - Melody
Black Velvet Band - Melody
Blond Agnes - Melody
Bold O'Donahue
Bold Robert Emmet
Bonnie Kellswater - Melody
Bonnie Woodgreen - Melody
Boston City
Bottle of Punch - Melody
Boulavogue - Melody
Boys of Kilkenny
Boys of the Old Brigade
Brennan on the Moor
Bridget Flynn
Broken Pledge - Melody
Bryan O'Linn was a gentleman born
By my faith but I think ye're all makers of bulls - Melody
By the margin of the ocean

Cailín Deas Crúite Na Mbó - Melody
Caoine Cill Chais
Carlionne - Melody
Carolan's Concerto - Melody
Carolan's Draught - Melody
Carolan's Welcome - Melody
Carrickfergus - Melody
Christmas Day Is Come
Cill Chais
Cockles and Mussels - Melody
Come all ye airy bachelors
Come all you gallant poachers - Melody
Come all you true bred Irishmen
Come haste to the wedding ye friends and ye neighbours - Melody
Come to the Bower
Connaughtman's Rambles - Melody
Croppies Lie Down
Cumha Eoghan Ruaidh Uí Néill - Melody
Curragh of Kildare - Melody

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